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Monday, November 10, 2008

Toorongo Falls- Noojee

Well, only a few days into having the the Victoria site go live and Mark has provided us with our first guide for Victoria and he's chosen a fantastic little spot east of Melbourne. This guide is accompanied by some beautiful shots and is well worth the read.

Nice work Mark- look forward to seeing more from you. To check out his guide Click here.

1 comment:

Clockwork Computer said...

What an appalling idea for a web site. Hi-tech vandalism.
An instant resource for taggers and firebugs.
Trash your own backyard, not ours!
It's like finding out your favourite dirt road has been sealed.
I was rocked to my socks by the appalling mob at the Loch Ard Gorge on my last trip.
A helicopter every two minutes, is that what you want for the quiet bush places?
The more pointless, PC little tech show-offs like you idiots publicise "our" spots, the quicker the fences and signs
and fees and charges follow.
Let people find their own spots and their own photos, that's the whole idea isn't it ?
Stop it now, before you do real damage.